Graphic design and prepress

Graphic design is a kind of applied art which includes combining typography, illustration and print to convey an idea or message using visual communication. Designing the visual identity of a company and its products is crucial nowadays, since it is what creates the company’s first impression with potential clients, investors and partners. Whether you have just started a company and you need a visual identity, or you would like to redesign your existing printed materials, we are here to help. Working with your requests and capabilities, we will create a complete visual identity for you. We create trademarks and logos as well as graphic solutions for various printed materials like business cards, memorandums, envelopes, notepads, flyers, stickers, labels etc.

Prepress entails a sequence of actions by which working files are transformed into the final result ready for printing. Prepress is a very important and responsible segment of the graphic work. For it to be of good quality, knowledge and experience is required on all of the printing techniques and product finishing as well as knowledge of the production materials attributes. We do the prepress after graphically shaping the product, designed by us, but also from the finished graphic solutions which you have delivered electronically, and after agreeing on the final product.


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